Where are the creative people in Austin?

Four times a year you can find the creatives of Austin at Pecha Kucha night. Pecha Kucha was started in Tokyo in 2003 and has grown to over 300 cities. Each presenter gets to show 20 slides and has 20 seconds per slide. 20 x 20. Painters, architects, writers. landcape designer, theremin players and musicians of all types (yes!), photographers, choreographers….you name it, they will be there. Presenting, connecting, listening, inspiring.


Last Thursday was Pecha Kucha Austin for the spring. Laura, Robin, Melissa and I met up with Cori and Teva and ran into many creatives to have a great evening. The best place to stay in touch with Pecha Kucha and get a reminder in your email inbox is theirFacebook page. It was updated before the national site.

Some highlights were Kenny Braun’s surf photographs from the Texas coast. You know I LOVE photography! Sam Martin, author of Manspace, Matt the Electrician, and Christine Ten Eych, landscape architect, were all inspiring.

Here is a sample Pecha Kucha Vancouver with Danielle La Porte, author of Style Statement. I went to a White Hot Truth workshop with her last fall. She continues to inspire. Her slogan is White Hot Truth: because self realization rocks.

See you in the fall at Pecha Kucha. Tell me where you find creativity in Austin! or the planet And thank you to all the creative people in my life!