Hellen Pennell’s Alexander Gorlizski

It is so fun to meet people that value and get inspiration and energy from art. Hellen Pennell is just one of those people. I mentioned her in an earlier post when I met her at a fundraiser Progressive Dinner for our childrens’ school. She came to my house first and noticed the Kate Breakey photographs and she also owns Keith Carter’sGarlic. We connected. The last stop on the dinner was Hellen’s newly and beautifully remodeled home by architect Kevin Alter/Alter Studio. Great light. Great art. Great people.

Hellen shows me her Alexander Gorlizski Introvert #2 in the living room. Wow! It will be the inspiration for the large living area that is currently the container for the leftovers from the home. Hellen sheepishly covers her eyes when she says that she saw the Golizski piece in the December ’07 Elle Décor magazine and tracked down the gallery on the Internet. She said for her that buying art is usually a more personal experience but she contacted the internationalgallery about the piece and purchased it. After the purchase she wrote Gorlizski and since received a correspondence from the artist as well which made it the personal experience she enjoys.

What caught Hellen’s attention was the elephant representing a wise, intelligent creature but the colors on this elephant are quietly flamboyant like a parrot. It’s as though his insides are coloring his outsides.

Gorlizski is a fan of Indian miniatures paintings and works in collaboration with one of the artisan shop Riyaz Design to render his pieces. In Jaipur alone, there are nearly 3000 painters replicating old paintings with traditional themes. Gorlizski comes up with a more contemporary take on the traditional design. See……