Creative Process

I believe in the creative process and creative spirit and believe all homes should have at least one piece of original art. I believe in falling in love too. And each time I buy a piece of art, I feel that "falling in love" feeling. When I help clients purchase something, when I get the tingle up my spine I know we have found the right piece.


I remember buying my first significant piece from the Stephen L. Clark Gallery many years ago. "Chicken Feathers" by Keith Carter just would not leave me alone. I would see the sparklers shining, the childrens' costumes and chicken feathers on the ground when trying to fall to sleep at night. It was the last one available in the edition which is not necessarily when you want to purchase because it is the most expensive. However, it is still hanging on my wall and has a companion piece "Garlic" by Keith Carter. Yes, I have that in common with three other people -- Garlic that is......Stephen L. Clark, Andrea Turner (a great friend since we were 16) and President Barack Obama.


Generally when purchasing photographs, it's great to go to the first show and purchase. An artist will decide the number of prints they will make, then set the prices. The first five might be $1200 then the next $1800 etc until they have reached the end of the edition. An edition for a print might be 8 or it could be 50 (or more). It's up to the artist.

Here is Keith Carter on the making of Chicken Feathers: